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Are you still looking for bits and pieces to put together and form the jewellery of your dreams? Congratulations, your search ends right here! We are in the business of handpicking and delivering the best jewellery making supplies, day in and day out. But we also work everyday towards building a safe community for our manufacturers and customers to grow and create revolutionary pieces of jewellery with each other’s help.


When Nuan Gems & Jewellery was founded in 2011, we had no clue that we’ll be helping so many people turn their hobbies into running businesses. Today, in more than 20 countries, we are aiming at providing excellent services to our customers as well as our manufacturers.

We are a 100% export oriented company and have been working with lots of clients from the USA, China, UK, UAE and other parts of the world. Our USP is our quality and on time delivery. We believe in creating relationships through our exceptional service.


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